Our Mission

Create a vision, find your future— Every person can reach their dreams in life by accomplishing their academic goals today. Through comprehensive college guidance and proprietary standardized test prep services, College Preparation Station helps students and their families navigate the complicated college admissions process. Every student in America deserves a helping hand during this difficult time. CPS delivers an affordable roadmap to success for students and their families, helping them to create a vision and find their future.

Our mission is to make professional college preparatory services accessible to everyone, helping families to create a vision for their students and start the journey towards their goals. CPS has developed a proprietary test prep curriculum and college guidance process using the latest trends in college admissions. CPS utilizes highly trained test prep tutors and college guidance experts who are motivated to help your student achieve their dreams.


Our Difference

"Working with students, helping them discover themselves and their dreams: it is a passion for me. I love seeing how students grow throughout our program. At first, they may be timid and unsure of what they want to do. Five weeks later, they are confident, dreaming, and have a plan. CPS really does empower students and their families to make the most of the college preparation process!"

— Tony, Tutor