College Preparation Station's mission is to make professional college preparatory services accessible to everyone, through utilizing highly trained test prep tutors and college guidance counselors who are highly motivated to help your student achieve their dreams.


The College Process

The journey to college may seem confusing, but it is a process logical steps that will give your student the greatest opportunities for success. Here at CPS, we have deconstructed the complex path to the college of your child's dreams and offer services to help your family navigate that process. Learn More

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"CPS...helped raise my score from a 22 to a 31...I received scholarships from 17 schools that I did not apply to and 3 schools that I did apply to. I received $705,868 in total from 20 schools..."


College Preparation Station is there for your family every step of the way, helping you navigate the college process like professionals. CPS offers a complete family guidance package that includes academic consultations, ACT / SAT / PSAT prep classes, scholarship and admissions application workshops, and personalized guidance for college visits and interviews. Learn More

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