Meet Our Team

Our team of instructors have been trained on our proprietary method of strategies and preparation material.  Each student has a personalized program that builds as they progress through our program. Our highly motivated and energetic staff consists of tutors with Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Education, Asian Studies and Mandarin, Journalism, and Information Technology and Programming. The wide array of backgrounds allows our team to connect with all students as they progress and have different needs. We love what we do - our mission is to help students develop a vision and plan for the future!



Lori konsky

Lori Konsky is the founder and CEO of College Preparation Station. At CPS, Mrs. Konsky has developed proprietary test prep materials and a straightforward college guidance system. Prior to CPS, she founded Computer Tutor Station and created a unique pedagogy for teaching office software applications to corporate customers. With over 20 years of teaching expertise, Mrs. Konsky is extremely qualified in test prep curriculum and college guidance. In the past 16yrs she has helped her clients secure over 25 million dollars in academic and athletic scholarships!

james konsky

James Konsky is the COO of College Preparation Station. He has worked with CPS for five years, where he started helping students perfect their college admissions and scholarship essays before transitioning to guiding students through the college search and application process. James graduated in May 2016 from Brown University with a B.A. in East Asian Studies and is currently participating in the Venture for America fellowship. James is handling the CPS expansion as we grow and set up new locations. He has spearheaded the curriculum and training program for new office locations.

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