Our mission:


College Preparation Station empowers students to take control of the college preparation process, helping them and their families to dream, prepare, and succeed.


Our Mission

Create a vision, find your future— Every person can reach their dreams in life by accomplishing their academic goals today. Through comprehensive college guidance and proprietary standardized test prep services, College Preparation Station helps students and their families navigate the complicated college admissions process. CPS delivers an affordable roadmap to success for students and their families, helping them to create a vision, plan for the future, and work hard to succeed.

Learn More - see our CPS point/hours graph to evaluate how much you will need to study! You are in control of your FUTURE!


Our Impact

Since 2003, College Preparation Station has helped thousands of students and their families create a vision and find their future. Through expert college guidance and impactful SAT/ACT classes, our students have gained admission to the country’s top universities, received millions of dollars in scholarship offers, and found places to continue their athletic careers.



Million Dollars in scholarships

Our students are some of the most competitive applicants, having been offered over $100 million in scholarships and receiving admission to such elite schools as MIT, Brown, Vanderbilt, and the University of Chicago.



Years Serving students + families;

College Preparation Station is the helping hand your family can trust to guide you through the college preparation process.



average ACT score increase per class

Through a proprietary curriculum and expert tutors, CPS’s ACT classes help students raise their scores by an average of 4.1 points per class.


Our Programs

CPS offers services to help your family navigate the confusing and difficult college preparation process. Our goal is to help your student realize the most opportunities possible and find the perfect college fit. The transition into college is a process that begins Sophomore year. The anxiety and pressure turns into confidence when students have a plan!

ACT/SAT/PSAT Prep Classes + Camps

  1. -Our ACT/SAT/PSAT Intro classes are a 5 week session of unlimited tutoring that will train students on question types, patterns, pacing, as well as other testing strategies based on our proprietary curriculum. Students are required to attend 3 hours of class time per week and are encouraged to come to as many Open Labs as possible. Diagnostic test is included. Summer camps also available.

  2. -Our ACT/SAT/PSAT Refresher classes are the next step of the test prep process. Based on your progress during the Intro class and test scores, we will create a new goal and continue the process of improving your score with personalized material. Start early and prep until you reach your goal! It is normal to study and bring each section (sub score) up to create a higher composite! Most of our students take the test 3 to 5 times, depending on when they start preparing and goals.

Family Academic Consultation

A personalized and in-depth consultation to discuss your student’s college aspirations, building a resume, planning a timeline for ACT/SAT testing and college applications, what to ask on a college visit, and other college process related topics.

Free Student/Parent Info nights for our clients.

Several times throughout the year we will host free one-hour talks that explain the important items that students and parents should be thinking about. It is a great overview and questions are welcome. You want for your student to hear from someone besides yourself on the importance of preparing for college.

College Application Workshop

Using our proven application rubric, we will work with your student to craft their Common Application and up to 2 additional application essays. A good application is all about having a theme and selling yourself, and knowing when to apply. (ED, EA, Reg)


April 2017

"CPS helped raise my ACT score from a 22 to a 31. I received scholarships from all of the schools that I applied to; I received $705,868 in total. Thank you CPS!"

Jessica H.



Our Team

Our team of instructors have been trained on our proprietary method of strategies and preparation material. Each student has a personalized program that builds as they progress through our program. Our highly motivated and energetic staff consists of tutors with backgrounds in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Education, East Asian Studies and Mandarin, Journalism, Information Technology and Programming, and Foreign Languages. The wide array of backgrounds allows our team to connect with and cater to the needs of students interested in many different disciplines as they progress through the college prep process. We love what we do - our mission is to help students develop a vision and plan for the future!


Lori - CEO

Lori has helped over 5,000 students receive more than $100 million in scholarships in her 15 years in the college prep industry. She has developed an innovative and effective approach to improving test scores and gaining entry into students’ colleges of their dreams!


James - COO

James is a graduate of Brown University and is the director at the Creve Coeur, MO location. His past students have gained entry into schools such as MIT, Vanderbilt, Brown, and Notre Dame. A former college athlete, James assists many CPS students hoping to play a sport in college.


Kaitlan - Disability Specialist

Kaitlan is a native New Yorker and experienced college guidance counselor. She assists our students with 504 plans and IEPs in getting accommodations. Kaitlan is passionate about helping students discover their potential!