Our Team

Our team of instructors have been trained on our proprietary method of strategies and preparation material. Each student has a personalized program that builds as they progress through our program. Our highly motivated and energetic staff consists of tutors with backgrounds in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Education, East Asian Studies and Mandarin, Journalism, Information Technology and Programming, and Foreign Languages. The wide array of backgrounds allows our team to connect with and cater to the needs of students interested in many different disciplines as they progress through the college prep process. We love what we do - our mission is to help students develop a vision and plan for the future!


Lori Konsky- CEO

Lori has helped over 5,000 students receive more than $100 million in scholarships in her 15 years in the college prep industry. She has developed an innovative and effective approach to improving test scores and gaining entry into students’ colleges of their dreams!


James Konsky- Director

James is a graduate of Brown University and is the director at the Creve Coeur, MO location. His past students have gained entry into schools such as MIT, Vanderbilt, Brown, and Notre Dame. A former college athlete, James assists many CPS students hoping to play a sport in college.


Kaitlan Grays- Tutor

Kaitlan is a native New Yorker and experienced ACT/SAT/PSAT tutor. Several of her past students have improved their ACT scores by as many as 10 points on a single test! She is passionate about helping students discover their potential.